Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Groupon Experience @ The Organic Spa

Saw this on Groupon and thought it's quite a deal so I bought it for 2 persons for $80. Details of the deal states that it's 1 hour facial, 1 hour massage, 15 mins back mask and 15 mins tummy mask. The Organic Spa is located at Serangoon Gardens.

It was when I called to make booking that the person tell me that the Groupon can only be used for weekdays and morning during weekends.

The Organic Spa was located at level 2 of one of the shophouses. We requested for couple room. Although it was stated in the voucher that there's an additional $10 charge for couple room, we were not charged the $10. The lady started telling us that the massage oil used for the Groupon one is the normal oil and recommended us to top up $10 per person for aroma therapy oil. Okay, the normal oil smelt like those 跌打酒 used by TCM. So we decided to top up the $10 for the aroma therapy oil.

After a while, the lady started selling me their red wine massage with yogurt back mask for additional $25. She recommended this red wine massage like it's so so good and special and I will regret it if I dun try it. Okay, so I take the red wine massage for an additional $25. This is the lady who will do the massage and facial for me.

The spa session started with the facial first. The facial was really underwhelming. They just cleanse your face, scrub, then apply some serum on your face, and used some cold stick to massage your face. After that, they will do a facial massage, and then end with a facial mask and ask you to rest for like almost half an hour. The facial mask was quite funny, they applied some mask on your face then paste 2 pieces of tissue paper on your face. After the mask, the facial was done, no extraction at all.

Oh did I mention that when I was doing my facial, the lady kept telling me how good the red wine massage was. I felt like telling her, just shut up and let me enjoy my facial. I will know how good it is after I tried it later, dun need you to keep telling me now!

Next is the time for the much anticipated red wine massage. Erm... first on the skills of the masseur. I have tried massages at many other places and I have to say this massage at The Organic Spa was really not good.

Other than that, the lady kept disturbing me during the massage! She keep asking me how do I feel about this red wine massage, is it good, is it comfortable. I am ok if she just asked once and let me enjoy the massage and relax. But no!! She asked almost 10 times whether I am comfortable and almost 4 times how do I feel within 1 hour!! I cannot, I cannot take it. I dun enjoy at all. The best thing is, I told her I feel like sleeping. But no, she did not let me off. She continued talking and asking me comfortable a not and how do I feel. I'm like.. Oh God, let this end faster.

Before that, the lady also kept telling me that I will smell a sweet red wine scent. So during the massage, she also kept asking me if I smelt the nice red wine smell. No! No! No!.. I didn't smell any red wine scent. I told her and she replied "Oh, I think it's because you're facing down." Okay.. but really.. throughout the 1 hour massage, I only smelt the $10 top up aroma therapy oil smell.

Before the massage, the lady let me and hubby choose either back scrub or hot stone. Hubby chose hot stone while I chose back scrub. I also asked if I top up to red wine massage, will I still have the back scrub. The lady say yes. Although hubby got his hot stone, I didn't get any back scrub nor yogurt back mask. And both me and hubby did not get the 15 mins tummy mask mentioned in the Groupon deal.

So if you have already bought this Groupon deal, I would suggest you guys to just top up the $10 for aroma therapy oil, forget about the red wine massage. In conclusion, the facial and massage experience was quite mediocre.

Recommended fusion fine dining @ The Clan Restaurant

The Clan Restaurant
Address: 1 Selegie Road #02-01, POMO, Singapore 188306

The Clan Restaurant - Nice deco and ambience
Few years back, we tried Dozo which is a Japanese-French fusion restaurant located at Valley Point Shopping Center along River Valley Road and fell in love with it. It was priced reasonably for the wonderful food, service and ambience for a 6 or 7 course set.

However, last year, when we wanted to revisit Dozo, we realised that it was closed! After researching online, we found a similar recommendation by Hungry Go Where - The Clan Restaurant. The standard of the food, service and ambience was comparable to Dozo! We felt so satisfied after meal there.

We went for the weekend 5 course lunch which was priced at $$49.80++ which we think is very very worth it given the quality of the food and service.

Upon entering the restaurant, we were given the welcome drink - cranberry and apple ice.
From the side dish, to soup, to the main dish and dessert, they have a wide variety for customers to choose from. You can find the menu here. But do note that the actual menu might differ from the website one as they changes the menu from time to time.

Chef selection: (from left) prawns with some sauce, scallop with lobster sauce and foie gras chawanmushi. I especially love the scallop with lobster sauce. The lobster sauce was so nice! I wanted to lick the plate hahaha.
Next comes the side dishes, they were perfect!!

Herbs and mushroom escargot. It was so tasty and fragrance. I only managed to eat one escargot coz hubby ate it all without leaving more for me!  >.<
Kurobuta pork belly confit with passion fruit sauce. The waiter told us that the pork belly was sous vide for 12 hours before serving. The pork belly was so tender!! And the passion fruit sauce which tasted sour sweet makes the pork belly dun feel oily at all.

Pan seared foie gras with toasted bread. OMG! This is one of the nicest and most 香 foie gras I have ever eaten. The foie gras was really nicer than those which I had at other restaurants or cafes. Super yummy!

Next comes the soup.

Salmon miso soup infused with Yuzu. Hubby loved the special taste of this soup. It felt refreshing as it has a tinge of the yuzu taste.

But I loved my seafood bisque more! It a whole mouthful of seafood flavour when u drink the soup!
The waiter recommended 2 other soups which were their specialties, mushroom soup and ginseng chicken consomme. Ok, we will try these 2 soups the next time we come.

Next up are the mains!

Miso cod with risotto. Both hubby and I so so so love this dish! The cod was so tender and tasted so nice with the miso taste. The risotto was very well cooked with the miso taste as well. I will really give this dish 100 marks. The waiter told us that this was a new addition to the menu, previously it was baked cod with some stuff which i can't remember. I'm really glad that they have this in their new menu!

Prime beef short ribs on Hoba leaf with peppercorn sauce on hot stone. The beef is so tender and I think because of the Hoba leaf, it has a very fragrance smell when u put the cooked beef into your mouth.
Initially we were afraid that the beef will be overcooked as we couldn't eat all the beef slices faster than it was cooked. but no! The prime beef was so premium that even if it's fully cooked, it's still very tender! 
Chocolate molten lava cake with ice cream. The molten lava cake though dun look very nice, was really soft and the warm chocolate lave flows out. it's so yummy!

Green tea tiramisu. This was quite special to me. Tiramisu with green tea taste and pistachio bits on top for flavour. It's special and nice!

We also ordered a pot of chamomile tea and a pot of peppermint tea at $5 each. Do note that the 5 course set do not include drinks.
Lastly, a very satisfied me! And both hubby and I are so glad that we found The Clan Restaurant! We will definitely come back. Highly recommended for anniversary or any celebrations. Thumb up! 
My verdict: 10/10 *Hooray*

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Foodie in Hong Kong

Went for a Hong Kong trip for a short 4 day 3 night getaway. I’m definitely not a fan of crowds and ‘rushing for time’ city so I don't really like travelling in Hong Kong that much. I find that the only thing that attracts me is food, food and food!

再兴烧腊饭店 (Joy Hing Roasted Meat)
Address: Chong Hing Building, 265-267 Hennessy Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
How to get there: Alight at Wan Chai MTR station (exit A4) and walk along Hennessy Road. You will need to cross the road.

It’s a very small eatery and it gets crowded during lunch or dinner hours. You might have to share a table with others, and you cannot sit there and chit chat after you have finished your food. There are other customers waiting for your seat. 

We ordered a plate of charsiew and roast duck rice, a plate of chicken rice, a soup and an additional small plate of charsiew for only 60 HKD! Free flow of tea provided!

Look at the charsiew, it's so shiny and tender looking. Slurppp!

Lin Heung Teahouse (莲香楼)
Address: 160-164 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
How to get there: Sheung Wan MTR station (Exit E2), walk pass the square, and then you will see a small lane with slopes. Cross the traffic lights and walk up the small lane until you see the signboard 莲香楼. 

At the shop front, you might think that it is selling pastries and traditional cakes, you have to walk up the stairs to the dim sum eating place. We missed this place and walk one big round back here as we were fooled by the shop front and thought it’s just a shop selling pastries. 

Once up there, notify the waiter there and he will find you a seat. Again, you will have to share the table with others. It is always crowded regardless of the time of the day. To get the food, you can either wait for the carts to reach you or just go up to the cart and grab your food, like what many others did. 

Remember to take your dim sum card along so that they will chop on it when you take a dish. Those popular dim sum are always out of stock and we didn’t manage to eat the standard har gow there. They have some special creations which we didn't try before in Singapore.

Steam pork stomach which is quite flavourful but I felt it's quite an acquired taste

Steamed version of carrot cake. It's surprisingly quite yummy.
Generally, the dim sum was quite nice. But again, it was a crowded eatery where we have to snatch with others for food to eat. I personally don't really like such a feeling. 

Hing Kee Restaurant 
Address: Temple Street
How to get there: Yau Ma tei MTR station, Exit C, turn on to Temple Street at Man Ming Lane

I love the fried oyster egg here! It’s different from Singapore style, it’s so crispy and juicy. The claypot rice is also yummy too! It's a DIY claypot rice where you have to add the sauce and mix the rice and the ingredients yourself.

Mucota Omega Rebonding at Focus Hairdressing

I initially wanted to try out volume rebonding at some Korean hair salon in Singapore but the price was really expensive, around $350 for my hair length and I was told that the effect was just like soft rebonding, except that it gives the hair more volume. For my hair length, the hairstylist usually will recommend me to perm the ends to have the romantic Korean feel. But I know I will be lazy to maintain the curls. So I dropped the idea. 

I saw many good reviews online for mucota rebonding at Focus Hairdressing. It's located at Cuppage Plaza Level 1 which is just 5 mins walk from Somerset MRT. I have previously tried mucota hair treatment at Creme Hairdressing (Chinatown Point outlet) and I really love the treatment effect. You can read about my mucota treatment experience at Creme Hairdressing. So i decided to try out Mucota rebonding.

I originally planned to take the mucota dyna hair rebonding since it is the cheapest kind of mucota rebonding that Focus offers, it's only $200 for my hair length. But when I was there, the hairdresser recommended me to do the mucota omega hair rebonding with hair cut and treatment at $288 for all hair length. She said it will look more natural and the effect will last longer. Okay, so I take that. I got a 10% discount by quoting beauty undercover when I call to make appointment, not sure when will this promotion end though.

The hairstylist who attended to me was Yahnie. She first discussed with me what hairstyle I would like to have and then she recommended mucota omega hair rebonding for me. After the discussion, she washed my hair and apply some pre-treatment cream on my hair.

Then another hairstylist came and helped to apply the straightening cream on my hair.. I can smell the ammonia smell of the straightening cream though I read from other reviews that there's no ammonia smell. I told the hairstylist that I do not want the flat flat rebonding effect so he said he will not apply the straightening cream near the roots so that my hair will not be so flat.

After about 20 mins, Yahnie came to wash my hair, blow dry and then use a hair straightener to straighten my hair. At this moment, I felt that my hair was a bit dry after washing off the straightening cream because when the hairstylist blow dry my hair, I can feel that my hair was dry and was being tugged. I was praying that the mucota hair treatment which they will apply next will save the dry hair. 

Next, the mucota treatment cream was applied on my hair, waited for around 20mins, then rinse. While my hair was still wet, the hairstylist applied a treatment serum on my hair, waited for 5 to 10 mins and rinse again, then applied some mucota serum on my wet hair, then blow dry and cut.

The hairstylists at Focus are quite friendly and nice to chat with. Yahnie even taught me how to use a hair straightener to produce C-curls at my hair ends. It's quite a relaxing and friendly atmosphere at Focus.

After the mucota treatment, my hair felt soft and bouncy. The Mucota treatment is really good! It's the second time I did Mucota treatment and it did not disappoint me. I walked out feeling happy with my soft and bouncy hair. But I felt my fringe a bit too flat, I was hoping that my fringe will have more volume.

The photo was taken 2 weeks after I did the mucota rebonding. I find my fringe a bit too flat even though the hairstylist did not apply the straightening cream near the roots. Now I have to use a hair clip to clip my fringe up to give it some volume after I wash my hair. As for the ends of my hair, it's less frizzy and it's not deadly straight.

When I first washed my hair after the rebonding, there's still ammonia smell. The ammonia smell faded only after about 3 washes. In my opinion, I think I will return for the Mucota treatment but don't think I will do rebonding due to several reasons. My hair is originally the soft type with slight natural curls so I just need to make my hair less frizzy. Personally I find the treatment makes my hair less frizzy as well, treatment does not need to apply the straightening cream and hence, no ammonia smell and won't cause damage to my hair, treatment won't make my hair look flat, and it is less pricey than rebonding!