Sunday, 31 August 2014

Our Japan Honeymoon itinerary (Hokkaido + Tokyo)

What have I been doing for the past few weeks? Planning for my Japan honeymoon trip and my itinerary is finally finalised! Hotels and rental car all booked! Yeah! So looking forward to it.

We bought our SQ return tickets at a promotion price of $680 per person! So happy!

Our itinerary at Tokyo (click on the link to check out our detailed Tokyo itinerary):
Hotel booked - Sotetsu Fresa Inn Tokyo Tamachi
6 mins walk to JR Tamachi Train Station
10 mins walk to Mita Subway Station

Places to visit in Tokyo:
- O'Daiba
- Tokyo Trick Art Museum
- Toyota Mega Web (For cars lovers)
- Shibuya
- Shinjuku
- Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (To see sky view of Tokyo City)
- Kabukicho
- Akihabara
- Asakusa


Also check out on the food we had in Tokyo!

After 3 days in Tokyo, we took Japan Airline to fly to Sapporo.

Our itinerary at Sapporo:
Hotel booked: Best Western Hotel FINO Sapporo
2 mins walk from Sapporo Train Station

- Sapporo Station Shopping Centre
- Sapporo Clock Tower
- Sapporo TV Tower
- Nijo Market
- Shiroi Koibito Park - 白色恋人 chocolate factory
- Mount Moiwa
- Tanuki Koji (狸小路)


We rented a Honda Fit from Honda Rent-A-Car to bring us around Hokkaido!

Other places we explored in Hokkaido (click on the link for the travel details):
Daisetsuzan National Park and Sounkyo hot spring


Asahikawa and love hotel experience





Lake Toya





On the last night, it's the first time we stayed in a capsule hotel in Tokyo Haneda Airport.

*Sob Sob* End of the trip..... :'(

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Useful Simple Italian Vocab

Before I forgot the Italian simple vocab that I've learnt when I was in Italy, I better note them down:

Hello - Ciao
Thank you - Grazie
Yes - Si
No - No
Woman - Donna
Man - Uomo
Children - Bambino
Toilet - Toilette
Excuse me - Scusa
Good - Bueno
Excellent - Ottimo
Good morning - Buongiorno
Day - Giorno
Night - Notte
Eat - Mangia
Breakfast - Prima Colazione
Lunch - Pranzo
Dinner - Cena
Pork - Suino
Chicken - Pollo
Beef - Manzo
Fish - Pesce
Prawn - Gamberi
Salmon - Salmone
Milk - Latte
Water (non gassy) - Aqua naturale
Sweet/dessert - Dolce
One - Uno
Two - Due
Three - Tre
Four - Quattro
Five - Cinque
Six - Sei
Seven - Sette
Eight - Otto
Nine - Nove
Ten - Dieci
Friends - Amici
Pretty - Bella

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Updates of the defects in my HDB flat

We reported to the HDB service centre that the shower head holder in our toilet has fell apart, and there's cracks on our walls again on Tuesday night.

We have a total of 9 cracks spread over our 3 bedrooms and 1 in the living room. All are long cracks which start from the base of the wall to the ceiling.

HDB sent people to come and fixed the shower head holder pretty fast. It's done in like 15 mins. They changed the top part of the stick, which is the broken part and it's nicely done now.

The defect which gives us headache is the cracks on the walls.

The worker will first scrap the surrounding of the cracks then fill it with putty, and smoothen it.

A few hours later, they will come again to apply a second layer.

As they need to wait for the putty to dry before they can paint the walls, they will come back again the next day. They used a sandpaper to smoothen the walls before painting it, this made our house super powdery and dirty.

That's not the worse part. We kept the paints left for us by our contractor in the bomb shelter, little did we know that heat and lack of ventilation will cause the paint to spoil. The paint gave off a rotten egg smell when we open the lid! Oh my god! It stinks so badly but the worker told us that the smell will go away after the paint dries up, and we believed him. But it didn't, it still stinks after a few hours. The paint is continuously giving out that disgusting smell. We seriously couldn't tolerate that kind of smell in our master bedroom and study room. Need to mention that the paint that we have is Nippon paint wo, not some unknown brand leh.

We told the worker that the smell is still there after a few hours and he put another layer of putty to cover the smell. He will come back another day to paint it after we have bought the new tins of the paint.

Our weekend is burnt like that because of the defects in our HDB flat. We are so pissed! If I had known it's so troublesome to fix the cracks in the walls, I'll rather live with the 10 cracks.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Singapore Night Festival

This year's Singapore Night Festival is held on 22 & 23 Aug and 29 & 30 Aug, from 7pm to 2am. The venue covers various zones, from National Design Cenre at Bugis, to Singapore Art Museum at Bras Basah, to National Museum of Singapore near Douby Ghaut, to The Substation and Peranakan Museum at Armenian Street.

We walked from National Design Centre to Singapore Art Museum and to National Museum of Singapore. We walked for 4 hours plus and were exhausted. My feet still feel sore now -.-''' One night is not enough to cover all the places.

National Design Centre
Unique decoration at the lobby.

I love the "Very Light Exhibition". We walked into a small room filled with white helium balloons which has colour changing neon light in each balloon. The room looks so magical. You can even bring a balloon home!

We then went up to level 2 to see some exhibits. You can leave a message for the designer of the exhibits by writing your message on a post-it and paste on the exhibition wall. Here's one of the funny comment we saw.

You can actually leave your name card in the holder so that the designer of the exhibit can text you, but someone pasted the message instead -.-'''

Some of the interesting exhibits include 'The Reunion Project" which reminds you to spend more time to accompany your parents, grandparents and family, and I left a message for them.

Another interesting exhibit that caught our attention was "The Creative Eye".

The main point of the exhibit was to use your creativity on the shape of the object shown in the picture to draw something else. For example,

 Esplanade makes you think of porcupine

 The Singapore flyer makes you think of a peacock

We were also given some photographs with a transparency attached to draw using our creativity. 

 Hubby drew a robot over a CCTV camera.

Hahaha. I drew a bread over the stool and a pac-man wanna eat it.

We left the National Design Centre and followed the crowd and went to some sort of a 'haunted art house", where the crew will inform us the rules to enter:
1.  We must follow whatever the crew tell us to do.
2. We must not touch anything.
3. We must finish the tour.
But actually, nothing much up there la.. I just remember a guy keep eating in a room with long tables with lots of food on it and a room with a projector where the woman in the video kept saying random stuff about Indians. There's also a dark room which I think is the haunted house. I dun dare to go in and try. If anyone of you go in, share with me what is inside leh.

SAM at 8Q
When we were about to reach SAM at 8Q, we saw lots of graffiti on the walls!

At SAM at 8Q, there're several exhibition halls from level 1 to 4. It's like a art museum, displaying many different art works at the various exhibition halls.

 At level 1 exhibition hall, we are free to draw anything on the paper provided. The doodles on the floor and the chairs were done by professionals. We are only allowed to draw on the paper.

 Professional who doodled on the walls.

 My drawing sucks la. I can only draw a smiley face.

Some other exhibits we saw at SAM at 8Q.

 Collection of photos of pieces of litter on the floor.

Exhibits of photos of this pair of shoes at places where the owner went. Good concept for blog named "My Footprints" eh.

Singapore Art Museum
Then we walked to Singapore Art Museum, where we witnessed a nice light show using the building of Singapore Art Museum as the background. The light show was named "Spirits of Nature" and lasts for around 5 mins.

 45 seconds to the start of the light show

light show in action

In the Singapore Art Museum, they encouraged us to use Instagram to take photo and #MadeforSAM. They will print the photo for you. But after that, I was then told that I need to wait for an hour for the photo. So err.. We did not get our printed photo as we have left by the time the photo was ready.

There's a small area where u can get free honey tube! I love free things! Heehee.

Me happily sucking honey

One of the most interesting exhibit is a laser room at level 2 of Singapore Art Museum. Need to queue to go in one hor, as they only limit 20 persons in the room at one time.

Put behind laser jail bars :'(
Opps! The balloon I got from the "Very Light Exhibition" was shining brightly in the dark laser room. Lol.

And we formed some stupid sentences on the pillar full of words.

There's also a room showing a cinematic at level 2, we watched for like 15 minutes and we decided that it's too 'chim' and too artistic for us to understand. So we left.

Our legs were already aching at this point of time. But we 'gey kiang' and continue to walk to the National Museum of Singapore.

National Museum of Singapore
At the National Museum of Singapore, there are photography exhibits. I find one of the photograph quite cute and it's applicable to everyone of us.

Note that the black "arrow" in the photograph is not made using graphic design, it's actually black straws pasted on the models' body! 

We walked through the History of Singapore gallery. You will be given a tablet. At each segment of the gallery, you will be guided what is the number to enter to hear the story of that segment. The gallery gave very detailed descriptions of Singapore History. But we were already too tired, so we rushed through this.

There's a huge Earth harp constructed for public to try and we also saw the Earth harp performance by William Close. The Earth harp is really huge!

Before we left, we saw a tree with a 'face'. Looks scary in the night leh. And it's still the 7th month of Lunar Calendar. Scare die me.

We ended our Singapore Night Festival journey as we were exhausted. We still have not explore the exhibits at The Peranakan Museum and Armenian Street. Maybe we will make a trip there next week!

Ciao for now!

Sherry's recipe: Surf & Turf Tomato Pasta

We decided to have a home-cooked lunch on this Saturday.

Bought 6 fresh prawns for the price of $5.68. a piece of salmon for $7.50, and 2 tomatoes for $0.62 from Cold Storage. We have the other ingredients at home already.

Ingredients (serves 2):
6 Prawns
200 grams of salmon
6 Seaweed chicken
200 grams of minced meat
bottled bolognaise sauce
2 medium sizes tomatoes

Tomato Sauce
Cut the tomatoes into small piece and put it in a small pot with the bolognaise sauce and bring it to a boil. Turn down the fire to simmer it and keep stirring. Add in the minced meat. Continue to cook until the minced meat is cooked and the tomatoes are no longer chunky.

Salmon fish and prawns
Rub salt and pepper on the salmon fish and prawns. Grilled them until it's cooked.

Put the pasta in boiling water and let it cook for 8 minutes.


It's healthy and delicious!! Even though we didn't marinate the salmon and prawns, they tasted great! Especially the prawns. I think that's the difference when you buy fresh seafood versus the frozen ones.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Lousy HDB Sanitary Fittings

Last night, while I was bathing, I wanted to take the shower head from the holder. Suddenly...

Oh my god! I've only stayed in my new house for 4 months and the chrome looking holder fell apart??!? Okay, I said 'chrome looking' because hubby said the material look like some plastic instead of chrome?!?!

Oh! Did I mention that there's hairline cracks on my walls? All the walls in my 3 bedrooms have that. We reported it to the HDB Service Center a few weeks ago and they called and confirmed with us that they will come and rectify the cracks last Sat. But in the end, they did not appear, and no calls, no news from them at all. So hmmm.. I wonder my bedroom toilet will look like this for how long because I dunno when will HDB send people down to rectify it.

For the price I'm paying for my HDB flat, I think I'm paying premium price for lousy fittings, lousy materials and lousy warranty service.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Active Sunday which ended with "Blues"

Finally use the Activesg credit for the first time today!! The last time I went gym was like 4 years ago?!!

Even go gym also find the slackest machine to do lol...

But after the gym session, we decided to indulge......

We ordered curry vegetables, prawn omelette and fried chicken with salted egg sauce. We loved the curry vegetables and the chicken with salted egg sauce. Both are fattening but are so delicious. The curry sauce was really quite fragrant. We want to try the curry fish head next time! This stall is along Jalan Kayu, 267 Seafood Cafeteria. The food are generally quite nice!

Then... OMG! It's already 10pm when I got home. Sibei xian. I have pre-Monday blues liao. Seriously, I felt sad having to lead the repetitive life of "happy Fridays" and "Monday blues" every week. 

Can I ever find a job and environment that I like so that I wont dread going to work everyday? This should be many people's dream, but it's a dream that's so difficult to achieve. 

Haiz, I'm so emo now. Let me go cry in bed for tomorrow. 


Sunday, 10 August 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy

Just watched Guardians of the Galaxy today. I didn't pin high hopes on this movie as it wasn't advertised as big a blockbuster as the other Marvel movies like the Avengers, X-men, Iron man, Captain America, Thor etc. But it was a really nice movie!

There's some crappy sense of humor in between the stories but I don't find these humor trying too hard to please or sounds stupid, unlike some other... movies. In fact, the humor in Guardians of Galaxy blended well into the story and flowed really naturally.

Which character do I love most? No, not the main lead. I love Groot the most. Groot is a tree-like humanoid and it can only speak the words "I am Groot". It's so cute in the movie! It looked 'toot-toot', and did stupid things at certain times, but it's very kind. It can be powerful and useful when you need it to be and it's so heroic. It sacrificed itself to save its friends. Groot portrayed how nature and trees help and provide for humans in our daily lives.

At the end of the story, Rocket was so sad that Groot died and picked up the sticks of Groot to grow a 'small Groot". It's so cute!

Anyway, we think this movie helps to introduce the bad guy in the next Avengers movie, Thanos. So that the audience will know who Thanos is and how he comes into the picture.

My verdict? Of course it's a thumbs up for Guardians of the Galaxy! Glad that we watched it before it's taken off the screen.

I shall end this post with a super cutie baby Groot!

*Photo taken from

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Happy National Day! And *Face Palm* to me and hubby..

Hihi Happy National Day to all!

Spent my National Day afternoon attending Ariel's 3 years old birthday party at The Duxton Hotel. The food was quite delicious especially the mushroom aglio olio pasta, the chicken mid wings and the tempura prawn. Hungry me and hubby only remembered to eat and totally forgot about taking pics of the food, the birthday decor and we didn't even take a picture with the birthday girl! Seriously *Face Palm*

The theme of the birthday party is on the movie "Frozen" as Ariel loves it. She was dolled up as Anna today! So cute and pretty princess! The cake they ordered was also decorated with characters in "Frozen". It's a rainbow cake! It looks so colourful and pretty and tasted delicious too! But ya, dun hit me. We forgot to take pics of the cake too! Argghhhh!!!

Okay, and after that we spent our day watching the National Day Parade at my parent's house. Hubby loves to watch the marching part of the National Day Parade, while I'm not that interested la, and started yawning away after a while.

So that pretty sums up my National Day.. Sounds boring without the pictures from the birthday party lor! *Face palm palm palm* x a million times!!!!!!!

Monday, 4 August 2014

A letter to the neighbour who did lots of drilling works

To the neighbour above me:

You drill your house the whole day last last Saturday, half a day on last last Sunday. You drill again last Sunday, which was yesterday. For your information, on the Notice of Renovation, it clearly states that noisy renovation works are only allowed from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, but you happily drill during weekends.

I believe you did drilling works during the weekdays as well. Because today, which is a Monday, I'm sick and took MC, hoping to rest at home, but was disturbed by your drilling for the whole day (except for lunch time) again. I lost count of how many days of drilling have you done.

I am wondering is there really soooooooo many things to drill for your renovation? I am seriously wondering if you are renovating or demolishing your house.

I would really love to visit your house one day to see what kind of renovation you have done, which involves sooooooooo much drilling, because your renovation are done at the expense of us, your neighbour.

Irritated neighbour