Monday, 23 May 2011

Cameron Highlands

We wanted to go for a short 3 days 2 nights trip to a place that's cooling, not too expensive and near Singapore (since we only have a weekend to travel).

Genting Highlands? Nah, went so many times already and we dun like casinos! So the next choice would be another Highlands in our neighbouring country, Cameron Highlands, since both of us have never been there.

We took a coach to Cameron Highlands and it was really cold when we arrived. We explored the surroundings of our hotel by foot for a while and realised that it's quite impossible to get around and really toured Cameron Highlands without a car. Hence, we signed up three tours. One is the general day tour that brings you around Cameron and includes a dinner, a sun-rise tour and a tour which brings us to tea plantation.

We followed the tours and visited strawberry farm, vegetables farm, flower farm and tea plantation. It's unavoidable to step on some mud and it's even worse if it rains. At these farms, you will be able to buy strawberries, vegetables, flowers and tea leaves or packet tea. We bought some strawberries and er.. they were quite sour. We also bought many small packets of Boh tea leaves as souvenirs for our friends and families.

There were quite a number of photos opportunity at these farms or tea plantation. Especially the tea plantation, it covers a huge area and it's greeny..

Sunflower at flower farm

Vegetables farm. It's actually a hydroponics farm?

Vegetables that looks so fresh..

Strawberry farm. You can pay a fee per basket of strawberries and you can go into the farm to pick the strawberries yourselves and bring them back.

The tea plantations

After visiting the farms and plantation, it's time for dinner!

Oh, it's steamboat dinner! But..lots of vegetables, and hardly any meat -.-                                         

The next day, we woke up at 430am in order to catch the sunrise. We regretted our decision when we forced ourselves out of the bed. The tour bus brought us to somewhere on the hill and the whole group of us just stand there and waited for the sun rise. Not a fantastic experience as it was cloudy and we couldn't see a clear and beautiful sun rise. Breakfast was served after the sun rise, where we were given each a cup of drink (milo, tea or coffee) and a piece of bread or muffin. Everyone of us just found a spot to stand or walk around while eating the breakfast.

After watching the sun rise, we joined another tour to a tower to catch great views of Cameron Highlands.

We climbed this tower,

To get this view

There's also a night market at Cameron Highlands that sell cheap clothes and other stuff, and also food.

We saw this at the night market.. honeycomb.. directly lick the honey from it..

Grilled whole chicken, it smelt great! But we didn't buy hahaha..

Fried squid.

What do we think of Cameron Highlands? Hmm.. The tours were not cheap given the quality and places that they brought us. I guess they are able to mark up the tour price is cos' it's touristy there and people like us without a car would be trapped in the hotel if we didn't sign up any tour.

My advise would be it's better that you booked a complete tour with the travel agency in your home country that includes land tours at Cameron Highlands and the transport to and fro Cameron Highlands to avoid booking the land tours only when you are trapped there.