Saturday, 17 December 2011

Liu Sha Bao

We purposely went to Vivocity on Saturday afternoon to enjoy the dim sum discount at 黑社会 (Not the mafia la, it's a restaurant).. From Monday to Saturday, between 230pm to 5pm, 30% discount on dim sum.

And we ordered this super yummy 流沙包.. Looking at the picture makes me drool... slurp slurp!

Monday, 14 November 2011


Yeah! An update to our second application of BTO flat. We got our BTO at Seng Kang! With a lucky queue number: 80. Huat ah!

We're going to HDB to pay the deposit today.. Getting poorer.. Woohoo..!

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

USA (part 4) - San Francisco

Finally, our last stop.. San Francisco..

We didn't really have a very detailed itinerary or highlights of places to go in San Francisco. Mainly just walking around the city, shopping, the Golden Gate Bridge and maybe a cruise around the bay.

After we checked in our hotel, it's already evening and we took a walk around the area. While walking along the streets, we saw many trams. It's cute and it makes the city more interesting. My boyfriend loves trams, and he's wondering why are there no tram service in Singapore -.-

The next day, we finally got the chance to take the tram to Fisherman's Wharf.

So squeezy in the tram -.-

After around 20 minutes, we arrived at Fisherman's Wharf and we bought the Wharfpass. It's a great deal and it includes most of the must-do activities at San Francisco. This saved us a lot of trouble in researching where to go and what to do at San Francisco. If you are planning to go SF, I would recommend getting a Wharfpass, the details can be found at this website.

First, with the Wharfpass, we took the Red & White Fleet cruise around the bay. We were given an audio guide and as the cruise passed through some attraction, the audio guide would describe it's background. The cruise journey was 1 hour and we passed through the Golden Gate Bridge. We also saw Alcatraz while we were on the cruise. We were lucky that the weather was great that day and the views were stunning.

The Red & White Fleet

Alcatraz Island 

Stunning views with nice weather taken from the cruise

Next, we took the City Sight Seeing Tour. We were seating in a tram-like bus to tour around the city.

Our city tour bus..

 Inside of the bus..

Along the city tour, we were able to see the nicely arranged house of SF on the slope. The tour also brought us to see some very beautifully designed mansions built on the slope that belonged to those rich men staying in SF. We didn't manage to take pictures of those mansions as the bus was moving when we passed by. The bus then drove across the Golden Gate Bridge to the other side of SF, where we stopped for a 15 minutes break to take some pictures.

Our next stop included in the Wharfpass is the Boudin Sourdough Bread Bakery Tour and Museum. It's just a bakery shop on the inside, but once you showed your Wharfpass and went in, it's a small museum introducing the history of sourdough bread and how it was made.

Another attraction included in the Wharfpass is a choice between the Wax Museum or Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum. We choose the latter. It's quite a small museum and we were done in half an hour. It's quite dark inside and our camera wasn't able to take good photos in there. Okay, yes.. Time to invest in a camera.

That's all the activities we did with our Wharfpass. There's actually 2 more attractions, the aquarium and a cable car ride but we gave them a miss as the time was running late and they were closed by the time we reached there.

Another fun thing we did in SF was Go Car.. The car was half the size of a normal car and only 2 persons to each car. While we were riding it on the road, we looked so tiny among the other cars! Helmets were provided and we must wear it while we were on the road. The experience was cute, funny and fun! It was guided with GPS so you dun have to worry about losing your way. The rental rate was quite expensive. But it's too cute that we dun mind paying for that experience. Haha. If you would like to try this out at SF, here's the address.
Address: 321 Mason St, San Francisco.

Cutie Go Car!

After Go Car, it's time to get some dinner. Came across Osha Thai Restaurant and Bar. We were craving for some Asian food and we didn't make the wrong choice! They served really yummy Thai food, especially the red curry!
Address: 149 2nd street, San Francisco. It's at the financial district.

Osha Thai Restaurant and Bar


The red curry, slurp slurp..

Green curry.. Haha.. We ordered different colored curries!

The next day, we set off to look for The Codmother Fish and Chips as we had heard positive reviews of it. We had a hard time looking for it as it's not the typical restaurant or cafe, it's a food-truck set up along the road side with limited seating and no shelter. Hmm.. I wonder if their business would be greatly affected during rainy seasons. Nonetheless, they served really yummy fish and chips, and it's really cod fish! It's cheap and the portion is big. Thumbs up for the tasty food and it's value for money.. A must try if you are in SF.
Address: 2824 Jones Street, San Francisco.

The stall

Our fish and chips. 2 of us couldn't finish one portion! Our appetite too small la.

When we were in SF, we decided to try In and Out Burger. It's not available in Singapore and our friends had recommended that we should give it a try when we were in US. And it was one of the best burgers I've ever eaten! Definitely beat MacDonald Uncle. I thought it was lucky that Singapore does not have In and Out Burger, otherwise, I will be taking in a lot more extra calories. But I do miss the taste of the burger. Yum yum.

On the last night of our trip, we went to Cliff House, a restaurant situated on the headland above the cliffs of Pacific Ocean. It was a fine dining restaurant, not considered cheap but the food was quite good and the ambience and views were definitely great. Since it was a fine dining restaurant, the portion was quite small, so dun expect the portion to be the same as other US cafe or restaurant. This place is recommended if you have extra budget to spare and would like to enjoy great views of the Pacific Ocean.
Address: 1090 Point Lobos Ave, San Francisco

The Cliff House

Super fresh and juicy raw oyster

Smoked duck, tasted nice too.

Prawns and scallops. It's fresh and tasty.

Chocolate souffle with ice cream. There's melted chocolate oozing out of the chocolate cake. It's the type that I loved.. Slurp!

Creme Brulee. Nice too.

It was already dark when we finished our dinner.. We strolled to the beach and the wind was chilly. The ocean was so big that I couldn't see an end to it.  I love the feeling of looking into the vast ocean and listening to the sound of the waves. It was our last night in San Francisco, last night of our trip, I definitely didn't want it to end. The thought of going back to Singapore, going back to the kind of life that I am reluctant to lead made me feel sad. The emotions were especially strong in such a setting, and I cried. Okay, my boyfriend was stunned again, and he consoled me until.. er.. some police cars arrived at the beach with loud siren -.- That was such a spoiler! The police were here to stop a group of people on the beach some distance away from us who had set up a fireplace to warm themselves. Okay, that stopped my emotions and we head back to hotel.

SF's really nice. There are no fun theme park in SF (or rather we did not go to any), neither is it a peaceful town, nor the best place for shopping. But somehow we just love the place. Maybe because it's well organised? Because it has tram service? Or is it because of its proximity to the vast Pacific Ocean? Or many many other reasons? We really dunno. We only know we love SF.

USA (Part 3) - Los Angeles

We arrived at Los Angeles after 2 hours of flight. The highlights of LA in our itinerary were Universal Studio, Disneyland, Hollywood Walk of Fame and Beverly Hills.

To be honest, the Hollywood Walk of Fame was quite a disappointment. It's no different from any other shopping street. In fact, some part of the Walk was not even a shopping street. Nothing much to see except that we kept looking at the floor to look at the stars and the names in it to see if we knew that person. Okay, maybe we were just bored, we actually did this for one whole hour while we strolled along the street.

Next, we came across Madame Tussauds and spent a good afternoon in there. There's many waxworks of historical and royal figures, film stars and sports stars. The wax sculpture of Obama was right at the entrance, welcoming us to the wax museum.

Other wax sculptures we saw includes Madonna, Britney Spears, Zac Efron, Charlie Chaplin, Audrey Hepburn, The Star Wars, Cameron Diaz, Iron Man suit, Stallone, Jim Carrey and many more. If you would like to add Madame Tussauds into your itinerary at LA, check out their website for more details.

The next day, we spent our full day at Universal Studio Hollywood! To get there by public transport, simply take the subway and alight at Universal/Studio City station. Then wait at the bus stop across the street from the exit of the station for the free shuttle bus to Universal Studio. Otherwise you could also drive direct to Universal Studio if you have a car.

Universal Studio Hollywood is really big and very interesting. It's bigger and much more interesting than the one in Singapore. A must try is the Studio Tour. You can't find Studio Tour in Universal Studio Singapore. The Studio Tour didn't look very interesting at first glance, and we were even thinking of giving it a miss as the queue was super long. We thought that it was just a normal looking open window bus bringing you around Universal Studio. We were glad that we decided to queue because the experience was awesome and unforgettable!

The tour took about 45 minutes and we really had many different experiences throughout the Studio Tour. The King Kong 360 3-D brought us through a tunnel with King Kong and dinosaur from Jurassic Park just beside us! The effect was so real and the bus jerked as if we were right in the middle of a fight between the King Kong and the dinosaur! We also saw how movies create those flooding scenes and the bus actually 'went through' the water, and how the cars were able to 'fly' around after a collision like what we always saw on movies. There were many other stunts that we saw. It's hard to describe the experience. Not much photos taken during the Studio Tour because most of the time we were too busy entertaining ourselves with what's happening around us. Highly recommended ride in Universal Studio Hollywood!

Entering King Kong 360 3-D

Stunts where cars were able to 'fly' around after a collision in movies!

Disaster scene in movies..

Other than the Studio Tour, there's Revenge of the Mummy ride. It's an adrenaline ride in an enclosed area. There's also Shrek 4-D and many other attractions. Thumbs up!

The next day, it's Disneyland! Disneyland is located in Anaheim, not very near to Los Angeles. We didn't have a car and we spent quite long travelling on public transport from LA to Disneyland. We took the Amtrak Train from Union station to Anaheim station. The train journey was around 45 minutes. At Anaheim station, we took bus number 430 to Disneyland. We arrived quite late at Disneyland because of the train timing.

In Disneyland, there's not much adrenaline rides, but it's definitely a magical land. I loved Disneyland, the castles, princesses and many other characters. It gave me the "happily ever after" feeling. But I guessed it's not very appealing to adult males as my boyfriend didn't find it very fun or amazing -.-'''

Okay, now photos of Disneyland and 'my castle' hahaha..

So many people..

Streets and shops in Disneyland.. At the far end is the castle..

My Castle!

One of the rides in Disneyland

I loved the Disney castle at night, especially when the fireworks display started. There are fireworks display everyday just before Disneyland closes. I actually teared listening to the songs and looking at the fireworks and the castle. The atmosphere was very romantic and touching, and I dunno what came over me and tears just rolled down my cheeks. My boyfriend's reaction was quite funny when he realised that I teared. Lol..

For people who like adrenaline rides, there's Disney California Adventure Park. So Disneyland actually catered to people like my boyfriend. Haha.. But we didn't manage to go to the Adventure Park because we didn't have enough time, so my fairy-tale Disneyland was the first priority. Wahaha..

Okay, and Disneyland marked a romantic end to our trip at LA.. ^-^

USA (Part 2) - Las Vegas

After 7 hours of bus ride, we finally arrived at Las Vegas! We took a poorly-maintained Greyhound bus and it was quite uncomfortable. It was free seating and as we were one of the last few to board the bus, we had no choice but to sit right behind; at a seat that's just beside the toilet in the bus and there's some 'fragrance' when someone used the toilet -.-''' Well, that's the price to pay for taking the bus instead of a flight in order to save money.

It was a great relief when we finally arrived at Las Vegas. We took a cab to our hotel and was bitched by the cab driver because we did not give him any tips (it was not the norm in Singapore to give tips to cab drivers). Well, I guess that was a lesson learnt for not doing enough research before travelling.

We checked in to our hotel, Stratosphere, which was in the Old Vegas. All the grandeur and luxurious architectures are in the New Vegas. Of course, our hotel was cheaper than those in the New Vegas. We're on a budget, sigh, so didn't stayed at those grand hotels in New Vegas.

Needless to say, there were many photos opportunities in Las Vegas and the architectures were simply amazing especially at night when the lights lit up. Okay, photos time now!

Hotel Riveria,, So colourful! haha..

Looks so grand! Can you see Palazzo, Venetian, Casino Royale and er.. MacDonald's?

Excalibur! It's a fairy tale castle! <3 i="">

Everything in this picture belongs to one hotel: New York New York..

Some hotel which I had forgotten the name.. 


MGM..The big golden lion!

Luxor hotel. The hotel rooms are in the triangular pyramid that has a spot light shining straight up at the top!

Paris Las Vegas hotel.. Wow.. Eiffel tower and the arc of triumph..

Caesars Palace.. Is that the David's statue?

Bellagio and it's waterfall show.

Fremont Street. 

LED display at the roof top of Fremont Street!

There were many other grand architectures in Las Vegas which we did not have pictures. It's simply just too many buildings and we couldn't capture them all. The architectures were too 'over-whelming' for us. hahaha..

Other than the grand buildings, there were also many bars and clubs around, and many "services" like this.

While walking along the streets, you will also find many booths (without people manning them) with free small cards printed with naked women advertising these "services". Yes, nobody was manning the booths and you can take as many naked women cards as you want. There's also people distributing such cards along the street, as if they were distributing flyers. My boyfriend was given an advertisement card by a guy on the streets despite me standing beside him and holding his hand -.-'''

Another place you can't miss when you are in Vegas is Casino! Casinos are literally everywhere in Vegas. We tried our luck and concluded that we were having a losing streak after losing US$40 within 10 minutes. Okay. We shouldn't be gambling.

And what do we do during the day? Outlet shopping! The prices were really good buy, best buy, must buy!

Next, yummy restaurant I must recommend; The Cheesecake Factory! It's located inside Caesars Palace. Don't be fooled by the name, it does not only serve cheesecake. Their mains were super delicious too, even their bread was one of the best I had ever eaten (especially the dark brown loaf).

The bread. The dark brown loaf was extremely tasty and fragrant.

Salmon fillet with rice. The salmon fillet was tender on the inside and crispy on the outside. I didn't know what was the white and dark brown gravy but they tasted great with the salmon and rice.

Seafood penne. It tasted great too!

Look at the choices of cake they have, and that's not the exhaustive list.

Our final selection..

Now, the not-so-enjoyable part of Vegas. The weather was quite a spoiler. It was really no doubt that Vegas is located in a desert. It's very dry throughout and it's scorching hot in the day. We could barely go without water for an hour and both of us had sore throat the next day.

But that doesn't stop us from exploring more places. Haha. We rented a car with the intention of self-driving to Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon. We er.. started our journey a little bit too late and we only managed to reach Hoover Dam and missed the Grand Canyon. We felt really depressed that we couldn't make it to Grand Canyon.

Nonetheless, the road trip was amazing! It felt so great driving on a straight road through the desert with a blast of music, and stopping by at places with nice scenery to take some photos.

Along the way, we stopped at Lake Mead.

Finally, reached Hoover Dam

After Hoover Dam, we continued to drive further in, hoping that we would at least had some views of Grand Canyon before the sun set. But er.. we were too ambitious la. We u-turn back after sometime as the sky started to turn dark :(

Despite wasn't able to get to Grand Canyon, we still pampered ourselves with a good dinner at Lawry's! Hmm.. Lawry's in the USA tasted better than Singapore's, the portion was bigger and it's cheaper. Great deal!

Medium rare steak. Succulent and juicy..

Okay, that's our last day at Vegas. Next destination? LA!